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Charlie Tangaroa and the God of War

Mining the recently discovered precious mineral will destroy life as it is known by the residents of a sleepy seaside town – but that’s not the worse thing they will face.

Throw into the mix the ancient arguments of the gods and the struggles become more than a battle between environmentalists, the forestry workers and the seedy shadow of international politics. Book Two of the Charlie Tangaroa series is my current work in progress. Once again, Charlie seeks out his tīpuna (ancestors), the gods Tāne and Tangaroa, to ask for their help to bring about a peaceful solution. Is there enough ancient knowledge and wisdom to heal the deepest hurts and long held resentments or will Tūmatauenga destroy everything that is Charlie – his family, his town, his world? Thanks to a grant from Creative New Zealand, and the support from my wonderful publishers, Huia Publishers.

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